March 21st 2014
Auditorium Zona 3, via Valvassori Peroni 56

All the activities are offered in Italian only

The day

It is going to be a scientific-popular event addressed to the citizens of the district and university students with a part of scientific seminars promoted by the members of the Tavolo Environment of CSCS and a session Ask the Scientist. The objective is twofold: firstly, to present current research in the field of environment and sustainability developed by the universities of Città Studi to local citizens and students; and secondly, to spread the CSCS project in the territory, in order to share and build with the local community a common path towards sustainability.


The 'Città Studi Campus Sostenibile' (CSCS) project                      

The project is spreading throughout the community the belief of the relevance of disseminating culture for the growth of the city and the society. From a vision of an academic and oracular knowledge, typically closed in the classrooms, we are moving towards a vision closer to the language and needs of people, thus organized into a series of cultural and scientific events that have already been positively reflected with active participation by students and citizens, residents of the neighborhood in the first place. The  sustainability days go in this direction, with the seminars on topical and complex topics, such as environmental sustainability, energy and food.



14:00 – 18:00 | Scientific Seminars (in Italian)
18:00 – 20:00 | Città Studi Campus Sostenibile (in Italian)
20:00 – 23:30 | Ask the scientist


The seminars on environmental topics              

Scholars and university professors of the two universities (Polimi and Unimi) offer a series of short seminars of 15 minutes each on environmental issues developed at the university, but presented for the laymen. Air, water, soil, green, materials, man and society, will be some of the topics covered during the afternoon session.


Ask the scientist                

The call to the Ph.D. candidates and scholar

We invite the Ph.D. candidates who have interest in disseminating their research work to attend the session Ask the scientist in order to informally present themselves to the local community and other young researchers. The event could be also an opportunity to involve the local community in their research project or sensitize citizens on environmental issues.

How to participate

Ask the scientist is going to be an informal event where researchers present their work to the participants or animate a debate in order to raise up questions and doubts about environmental topics. Young researchers will get involved from a stand from which they will communicate, also through flyers, posters, computers or prototypes.

If interested, please find the contacts below:

Eugenio Morello, Polimi | Giovanni Muttoni, Unimi