TABLES are workplaces in which there are discussed and refined the corresponding THEMES.

The access to tables is diversified: the CITY table is open to everyone and deals with topics of common interest, while the ACCESSIBILITY, ENERGY, PEOPLE and ENVIRONMENT tables are reserved for the scientific community of the Politecnico and the University of Milan since they are focused on developing and discussing scientific and technical issues of the project. The results of the work of these 4 discussion groups will be made public in the CITY discussion group at the moment in which they have practical implications on the surrounding neighbourhood and the city in general, in order to be shared with the public.

In the TABLES areas, through FORUM, you can follow the discussion topics proposed by moderators and participate by leaving your message or suggesting new topics for discussion

In DOCUMENT page you can find and download materials shared by moderators.
You can also become active members of the discussion group and participate in "physical" discussion group meetings, contributing first hand to the debate on scientific and technical project issues.

How? Inserting a recommendation or a proposal, the user will be automatically registered in the corresponding discussion group; if you registered via the "external access" you will be automatically registered in the CITY table. You can also register in discussion groups without inserting any contribution, simply click on the "Register" button in the discussion group page of interest.


You can directly access the tables from the GO TO button you will find throughout the portal, or by clicking on one of the following icons: