Photography challenge

"Vita da studenti: una sostenibile leggerezza"



What it is and who it's for

The photography challenge is one of the initiatives organised by Università Statale and Politecnico di Milano to promote "alternative" activities outside the classroom which make a contribution to improving students' relations with academic institutions and promote awareness of sustainability in the two universities. All students are invited to submit images illustrating typical situations in their everyday lives. The photography challenge will conclude with an awards ceremony and a photography exhibition on Sustainability Day, planned for November 2015 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Città Studi university campus.



Registration and participation in the Photography Challenge implies knowledge and acceptance of the following conditions.



The challenge is open to students in a Laurea triennale (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science), a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science), PhD programmes and Specialisation Schools, including Erasmus students registered at Università degli Studi di Milano or at Politecnico di Milano. You may register by providing your university email address, to which the instructions and customised links for uploading photos will be sent.



Every entrant must declare:

  1. that he/she took the photographs submitted;
  2. that he/she is the original owner of all rights to use and exploitation of the photographs submitted;
  3. that he/she has obtained the consent of the person or persons appearing in the photographs (if required by law).

The contest is open to photographs taken with a digital device only (reflex camera, compact camera, smartphone). Digital image processing is permitted, but post-production must not severely alter the content of the images (for instance, altering them so that they no longer correspond to reality).

Photographs must have been taken on or after October 1 2014.

The photographer is solely responsible for the content of the images.

Images which could harm personal dignity or damage the image and reputation of the institution, the public administration or any other party (individual or corporate entity) shall not be admitted.

If images which infringe third parties' rights or are inappropriate are uploaded to the portal, the photographer shall relieve the organisers of all liability for all claims made by third parties in economic or any other form.

The organisers shall not be held liable for such infringements.



The initiative is part of the Sustainable Campus project ( e ) and the six themes of the contest represent the six areas around which the project is constructed:

  • People
  • Energy
  • Food and Health
  • Environment
  • Mobility
  • City

There will be a separate ranking for each of the 6 themes.

There will be two categories for each theme, with separate rankings: one limited to photographs on Instagram ("Instagram" category) and another open to use of all kinds of cameras ("Classic" category).

Each entrant may submit a maximum of 3 photos, which need not belong to the same theme or category..



Submission of images for the contest must take place exclusively via web, using the links sent to the entrant's university email address at the time of registration.

Access to the web site will be permitted starting at 10:00 on 30 May 2015. The deadline for submitting images is 23:59 on 10 October 2015.

For each image uploaded, specify whether you intend to enter the Classic category or the Instagram category; in the latter case, upload the photo to Instagram from your account with the hashtags #studentisostenibili and #campussos.

As soon as it is uploaded, each photograph will be associated with the photographer's name; a maximum of three submissions per photographer will be accepted.

The judges will make their decision without having access to this information.

It will not be possible to request replacement of photographs already uploaded.



Images must be submitted exclusively in JPEG format.

Maximum file size is 10MB, and the photo must be no less than 1500 x 1500 pixels.

Entrants must keep the original file, unprocessed and in high resolution, to be supplied if they win the contest.

Files uploaded as stated above must not contain signatures or watermarks permitting identification of the photographer, or they will be disqualified.



All photographs submitted by entrants will be assessed by a qualified panel of judges and may be published, identifying the photographer, in the context of initiatives directly and explicitly linked with the event (permanent gallery on website, etc...).

Award-winning photographs and special mentions will be exhibited in public at an exhibition concluding the contest. Award-winning images and special mentions only may be used for any purposes, at the organisers' discretion, identifying the photographer.

The event's organisers shall in no way be held liable for any claims made by the persons appearing in the photographs or the guardians of any minors appearing in the photographs.

The photographer acknowledges that the organisation is entitled to notify any persons who may consider their rights to have been violated by the photographs of the photographer's name, and the photographer shall be personally liable (relieving the organisation, as stated above) to allegedly damaged persons.



The panel of Technical Judges which will announce the winners will be composed of experts in photography and other art forms and professors and students from the two universities. The judges' names will be announced to entrants by the day of the event.

The judges will assess the photographs without access to the photographers' names. The judges will make their decision taking into account their consistency with the themes proposed, on the basis of criteria which aim to select the best quality, most original photograph wherever possible.



Prizes will be awarded to the following, on the basis of the Technical Judges' final decision:

  • the best photograph for each theme in the "INSTAGRAM" category
  • the best photograph for each theme in the "CLASSIC" category

A maximum of 200 special mentions will also be awarded, without dividing them by theme or category.

The winners of prizes and special mentions will be notified by email sent to the address used to submit the photos by 31 October 2015.

The winners will be announced at the "Sustainability Day" event in November 2015 marking the centennial of the laying of the cornerstone on the Città Studi campus.

Award-winning photos and special mentions will be exhibited at the event.