The project for the collection of used portable batteries and accumulators (waste that is identified with the acronym RPA) is continued throughout the Milanese Campuses of the Politecnico di Milano. The project was started in November 2017 by the Sustainability Unit in collaboration with ERP Italy and AMSA (Municipality of Milan).

To promote the separate collection of discharged batteries, 25 containers have been placed around the Milanese campuses, 17 of which are located in Città Studi and 8 more  are in the Bovisa Campus. Each container is equipped with a clearly visible signboard and an informative label that explains which kinds of batteries can be disposed there. This brief instruction helps to collect and manage the waste correctly. 

WARNING: We would like to remind you that there are two categories falling under the RPA that are not included in the collection: accumulators for vehicles (batteries or accumulators used for starting, lighting and ignition) and industrial batteries (batteries or accumulators designed exclusively for industrial or professional use, or used in any type of electric vehicle).                              

The project has been started with great success thanks to the collaboration between students and staff of Politecnico and citizens of the surrounding neighbourhood. 270 kg of batteries were collected in the first three months since the start of the project, corresponding to approximately 12,100 batteries.

On this map you can find the locations of the battery containers, use it to find the closest one to you

It is only by the contribution of many of you, that we can achieve better results!

If you have a few spare minutes, use the time to complete the following questionnaire. It helps us in better understanding the users’ habits and behaviours concerning the transfer of used batteries and accumulators.


For any doubt or further information, you can write to: (Tel.02.2399.9247- 9368).