Young people fight against plastic pollution – 30/09/2021

The United nations major group for children and youth (Unep Mgcy) is glad to invite you to an online and in-person interactive conference organized in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano at the high level congress #All4Climate!

The Marine litter and microplastics Working group will be presenting its position paper compiling concrete and bold proposals to turn the tide on plastic. The event will be held at Politecnico but it will be possibile to attend the event online too via Zoom.



Moderators. Domenico Vito Ph.D., Christan Buurstee

Online: Suzanne Astic

18.00Opening RemarksEugenio Morello, Ph.D., Rector’s Delegate for environmental sustainability and responsible for institutional projects towards a sustainable campus.
 Experience and Policies of Plastic Reduction   Is microplastic a macro problem? How computer simulations help us to know moreChristan Buurstee MSc,  Associate Sustainability Service Politecnico di Milano, Circular Economy   Federica Guerrini MSc,  PhD Student in Information Technology, Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Visiting PhD at Utrecht University (NL) and in collaboration with the IMAU Lagrangian Ocean Analysis team

 Carla Friedrich Programme Management Officer,  UNEP,  Marine Litter, and Microplastics Unit
  Teresa Obenhauser, Yugratna Srivastava, UNEP, Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) Focal Points

PART 2: Presentation of Position Paper of  UNEP – Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY)   

Marine Litter & Microplastics Working Group Outputs  

18.30 CEST (16.30 UTC) 

Moderators. Carol Maione

Online: Ibrahim Inusa, Natalja Vojino

18:30Context: Plastic and Climate Change 
Ka’sha Bernard,Attorney in CIEL’s Climate and Energy Program [Center for International Environmental Law]    Brief Video Story of the birth of the Position Paper
18.45Presentation of the main requests and messages Carol Maione, Suzanne Astic, Bathawar Asif, Christianne Zakour, Gabriela Fernandez, Ph.D, Ibrahim Inusa,  Domenico Vito, Ph.D., UNEP Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY), Marine Litter and Microplastic Working Group
 Q&A Session 

PART 3: Voices of Youth and Plastics – World Cafe 19 (CEST) 

Moderators. Gabriela Fernandez, Ph.D.

Online: Bakhtawar Asif

19:15The Experience of Ocean’s VoiceLuciana Verastegui, Ocean’s Voice Working Group, Mexico
19:25California Perspective for Managing Microplastics

Dustin Harrison, Metabolism of Cities Living Lab Researcher, Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age, San Diego State University, and San Diego River Conservancy, San Diego, California, USA

Plastic Ecodesign for Children & Youth: Raising awareness on plastics and sustainability while having fun.   San Diego State University SDGs Tracking Dashboard: SDG 6
Sebastiano Ercoli Ph.D., and Alessandro Garlandini, IlVespaio, Designers, Milan, Italy

  Harmit Chima, Master of Science in Big Data Analytics Student, Metabolism of Cities Living Lab Researcher, Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age, Department of Geography, San Diego State University, San Diego, California, USA 

+5 Q&A


            Mario Grosso, PhD Full Professor Politecnico di Milano,

                     Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Milan, Italy


L’evento è presente sul sito del Festival a questo link